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Spatone is a natural source of iron that aids in maintaining healthy iron levels and is ideal for the whole family. Once sachet can provide the body?s entire average (absorbed) daily iron requirement.  It?s the absorbed iron that matters not just the starting dose.  Naturally good for you, the iron in Spatone water is naturally occurring. 

  • Vegetarian? Yes
  • Gluten free? Yes
  • Contain Lactose? No
  • Tested on animals? No
  • Dairy free? Yes
  • Artificial sweeteners? No
  • Does it contain alcohol? No

Q.What is the best time of the day to take Spatone® Iron?

A. Spatone ® can be taken any time of the day and best to take on an empty stomach with a little water or juice, and then just wait 20mins before you eat or take other supplements. If you are taking 2 sachets per day, it is best to take one in the morning and one again later in the day. However, if this is challenging for you, then please take the 2 sachets together in the morning on an empty stomach.

Q. Anything to consider before taking Spatone Iron?

A. It is recommended that you take Spatone® on an empty stomach and wait 20 mins before taking medicines, eating or drinking

Q. Can I take Spatone® Iron if I am pregnant?

A. Yes. Spatone® has been clinically trialed in pregnant women and shown to be effective in maintaining iron levels without the side effects like constipation. Two Spatone ® sachets are recommended per day or seek advice from your healthcare practitioner. Demands for iron increase dramatically in pregnancy and it may be difficult to achieve this with diet alone.

Q. Can infants take Spatone® Iron?

A. Spatone® may be given to children over 2 years of age at a dose of 1 sachet per day. For infants under 2 years, please seek advice first from your health care practitioner.

Q. Can I continue to take my pregnancy multivitamin while starting Spatone® Iron?

A. Yes Spatone® is the ideal iron supplement to add to your pregnancy multivitamin to help you meet the extra need for iron at this important time. Check that the level of manufactured iron in your multivitamin does not exceed 20mg of elemental iron. This is the case in the majority of pregnancy multivitamin brands on the market. If you are not sure please speak to your healthcare practitioner.

Q. Why is Spatone® Iron effective when it has a lower starting dose of 5mg of elemental iron?

A. The iron in Spatone has been shown in clinical trials to have a much higher absorption rate and thus compared to other low dose iron supplements you will absorb more and therefore achieve an effective result. Higher dose iron supplements, can be effective at restoring iron levels, but larger starting doses are needed to ensure you get adequate levels of iron absorbed. These high starting doses of manufactured iron also are associated with gastro-intestinal side effects.

Q. Where does Spatone® Iron come from and why is it natural?

A. Spatone 100% Natural Iron is an iron rich mineral water direct from the spring in Trefriw, Snowdonia, North Wales, UK. Nothing is added or changed to the water and it is filtered and packaged at the source. Spatone 100% Natural Iron is a complex mixture of naturally occurring minerals, predominately Iron in the Fe++ elemental form. Each batch is quality controlled to test the levels of iron and Spatone 100% Natural Iron is only packaged if a consistent 5mg of elemental iron is present, so you can be assured of the efficacy that is delivered in every sachet.

Q. What does Spatone® Iron taste like?

Spatone® Iron has a slight metallic taste. If required, mix it in a 1/4 cup of fruit juice or water and it will mask the taste, making it easier to take.

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