Assault By Muscle Pharm

Manufactured by: Muscle Pharm

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Assault By Muscle Pharm

The complete athelete pre workout formula.Assault's pre-workout formulation is the most advanced and complete pre-workout system on the market. Precision-engineered to give athletes the ultimate performance advantage over the competition. Assault has 5-Stage delivery system which addresses every angle of performance:
Size. Energy. Focus. Strength. Endurance.

ASSAULT? is a combination of several powerful, naturally occurring substances brought together for their specific performance-enhancing, endurance-boosting and strength-building properties.
These key ingredients work synergistically to provide your muscles with true increased energy at the cellular level, to dramatically improve performance


  1. Train Harder 
  2. Recover Faster
  3. Lift More
  4. Increase Oxygen
  5. Increase Blood Flow
  6. Increase energy level

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